The Rise of 'Doosra' Numbers: A Game Changer in Spam Call Defense


Talk to anyone today, and almost every other person will tell you how they receive more calls from telemarketers or spammers rather than their friends or colleagues. This,unfortunately, is only getting worse as spammers are using more sophisticated means and even using phishing attacks to get your private details.

The only means to safeguard yourself is to live under a rock or keep your personal phone number completely protected from the outside world. Seems impossible to do,right?

That’s where a virtual phone number comes in. In this blog, we will tell you exactly why you need a Doosra number and how it can help you take complete control ofyour incoming phone calls.

Meet 'Doosra' Numbers

Today, we all have virtual identities that we need to keep safe from spammers and hackers. This includes private information like our number, bank accounts, passwords,OTPs, etc.

Unfortunately, spammers and cybercriminals have become sophisticated, using phishing attacks and other means to access this information.

The only way to safeguard your personal information is by using a Doosra number. By providing users with an alternative virtual number, Doosra ensures that theirprivate numbers remain confidential. This not only protects users from unsolicited calls but also protects your information from getting into the wrong hands.

A Doosra virtual phone number is not linked to any physical phone, and you do not need an alternative SIM or device for this. Using cloud-based systems like VoIP, youcan easily add alternative numbers that you can use for your online transactions, business numbers, or other usages. Thus, your private number stays protected.

Reasons to Get a 'Doosra' Number

There are numerous reasons why you should get a Doosra virtual phone number. Some of the most significant ones include:

Privacy Protection

Your personal phone number is always protected, ensuring that your bank account details, details, and associated accounts are always protected.

Segregate Work & Life

Juggling between work and personal calls is always a hassle. With Doosra numbers, your business number can be separate from your private number, helping you keepcontacts and call logs separate.

Spam Protection

Every time you share your number, be it for business or other reasons, there is the risk of this getting leaked. Spammers and hackers usually use these methods to accessyour number and other details.

With a virtual phone number, you can easily block spam calls. Doosra number ensures that only whitelist numbers can contact you, ensuring that all other unsolicitedcalls are automatically blocked.

Virtual Number without Boundaries

The Doosra app can be used to gain virtual numbers from various regions. So, if you have clients or customers abroad, you can easily gain a virtual number with thegeography code of that location.

This flexibility not only empowers users to maintain privacy but also allows them to project a local presence without compromising security.

Easy Portability and Convenience

When a personal number gets compromised, it must be blocked, and the SIM needs to be replaced. With a virtual phone number, there is no hassle. If your Doosra number gets compromised, you can deactivate it and get a new one; no paperwork or SIM change is required.

Doosra: More Than Just a Number, a Comprehensive Solution

Beyond providing a shield against spam calls, 'Doosra' numbers offer a comprehensive solution to the multifaceted challenges of modern communication.

Whether it's voice calls or SMS communication, Doosra ensures that users are protected across various channels. This holistic approach sets 'Doosra' apart as a one-stop solution for individuals seeking a seamless and secure communication experience.

So, time to go incognito with your personal number and information and get a Doosra number to stay protected. Visit the website to know more.