How It All Started...

The story goes that on a Sunday morning in 2019, our Founder-CEO, Aditya went shopping for some accessories at a large global sporting retail chain...

At checkout, he was told that it was mandatory to share his phone number to complete the transaction. This small incident got him thinking about all the other instances where he had to share his phone number.

Whether it was for buying something online, or checking listings on a property portal, or even at the odd social occasion, like a networking event or a reunion he was compelled to share his number.

Being a serial entrepreneur and running multiple technology companies, Aditya brought together a crack team to brainstorm this further.

After 23 dairy-free coffees (and some green tea), the verdict was clear. Something had to be done? To protect personal mobile numbers from the systemic abuse of privacy rights by brands, companies & marketers.

Something that truly cared for privacy, unlike the many spam blocker apps that went ahead and made people more vulnerable to spam.

Thus was born Doosra.

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