The Benefits of Having a Dedicated Virtual Number for Online Transactions


Your mobile number is not a virtual address for people to reach you; it is now your virtual identity. Be it for online payments, banking, or other, and your number is associated with every vital documentation.

If this number is leaked to miscreants, it can cause several problems. As per reports, financial frauds related to UPI or internet banking accounted for over 75% of cyber crimes in the country from January 2020 to June 2023.

So, in this highly digital era, how do you save your personal number from getting exposed to hackers?

The answer is simple - getting a dedicated virtual number for online transactions.

Here are the benefits of having a virtual phone number in India for your business that can help you get enhanced security, privacy control, spam, and phishing protection.

Enhanced Security

With cyber threats on the rise daily, protecting your virtual identity is crucial. When you use your primary phone number for online transactions, you unwittingly expose yourself to potential risks.

However, with a dedicated virtual number, you add an extra layer of protection. It keeps your personal phone number confidential, significantly reducing the risk of identity theft and phishing attacks.

Protection from Phishing

Phishing attacks often use sophisticated means to acquire private details and phone numbers. Using a dedicated virtual number creates a barrier and ensures that your private number is never exposed to scammers or hackers.

Reduced Spam

Are you getting a lot of spam calls? If you have wondered how telemarketers and spammers get hold of your number, it is often because you shared your primary number during an online transaction.

You can use a virtual number for online transactions to protect your personal number from such annoyances. This way, even if the number gets compromised, you can easily replace it with a different number without affecting your day-to-day communications.


Want to control how your contacts get in touch with you? You can easily do this with a virtual phone number.

For example, you can have a separate virtual number for your business and online transactions. This way, you can easily identify the source of the incoming calls or messages and tailor your digital communication to your liking.

Ease of Deactivation

In case your personal number gets compromised, deactivation is a lengthy process and often requires you to perform multiple actions.

With a virtual number, the process is straight forward. You can easily replace an old virtual number or deactivate it entirely without disrupting your personal or business communications. No paperwork, no SIM replacement.

Ideal For International Transactions

For international transactions, trust is crucial. For your business or even the other party, having different area codes can often lead to trust issues. In this case, you can easily use a dedicated virtual number for a location in a different area code. You can share this number with your customer, helping improve trust worthiness and ensuring a smoother experience.

Simplified Account Recovery

In unfortunate situations where your online account gets compromised or locked, having a dedicated virtual number can be a lifesaver for account recovery.

Providing a virtual number as an alternate contact point makes it easier to regain access to your account. This additional layer of security can save you from the frustration and time-consuming process of account recovery.

Business Use

Do you want to keep your personal number separate from your business number? By using a virtual number for business, you can quickly achieve this without buying a new SIM or a separate device.

By providing a virtual number for your customer transactions or business calls, you can easily protect your privacy and have a smooth relationship with your customers.

Temporary or Disposable Numbers

Sometimes, you may want to pay online for a one-time transaction and use something other than your dedicated number. In such times, you can easily generate a temporary or disposable virtual number for the one-off transaction. This number can be easily discarded, helping protect your privacy for one time purchases.

Do Secure Transactions with a Doosra Virtual Number

A dedicated virtual phone number can help you protect your virtual identity and safeguard you from data breaches and privacy infringements. As a leading virtual number provider, Doosra also helps you get incredible benefits such as:

Complete User-Control: You have total authority over your contacts, with a blacklist or whitelist option to choose who can contact you on your virtual number.

Two-factor Authentication (2FA): Doosra takes the traditional 2FA up by a notch as virtual number-based 2FA codes cannot be intercepted by cybercriminals.

Complete Security: A Doosra number aids in protection from online harassment, phishing, and spam prevention as it filters all your incoming calls.

Data Breach Mitigation: With a Doosra virtual number, your personal phone number will always be safe, even in case of a data breach or system leaks.

So get yourself a Doosra number now to ensure complete protection from online frauds without letting your personal information be compromised in any way.