How does it work?

Your Doosra number does not require a separate SIM card or phone. It works on your existing phone. Just Download the app!

All incoming calls to your Doosra number are blocked by default and go straight to voicemail. You can also answer calls when required.

The Doosra app lets you whitelist contacts - allowing them to call or message you on your Doosra number without being blocked.

The app allows you to callback any incoming call you blocked without revealing your real number. Be incognito when needed!

Doosra Homescreen on an iPhone

The app is where the magic happens.

Smart Call Blocker
Listen to Voicemail
Trusted Services
View SMS's and OTPS

There are people you want to share your personal number with; for everyone else, there is your Doosra number.



Shopping Malls


Car Dealerships

Networking Events

Dating Apps

Delivery Apps



Now, get started by choosing from Annual or Half-Yearly PRO plans



No ads because you're not the product

Unlimited Voicemail

Premium & VIP Number options

100 minutes of incoming /outgoing calling per/mo

Trusted Contacts whose calls do not get blocked

Multi-user login (upto 5 devices)

Turn off the call blocker indefinitely

Official support for messaging apps like Whatsapp & Telegram

Create secret passcodes that help relevant callers get around the call blocker

Get  Half-Yearly Plan

Billed half-yearly at ₹749



No ads because you're not the product

Unlimited Voicemail

Premium & VIP Number options

100 minutes of secure call back per month

10 Trusted Contacts

Get Half-Yearly Plan!

Billed semi-annually at ₹499

Doosra requires users to complete eKYC as per government regulations
Limitations of a virtual number

Outgoing Calls
For regulatory reasons, Indian virtual numbers are not allowed to have outgoing calling facility via a dialpad. However, you can always respond to any missed call using our secure call-back feature. So, no FOMO seeing an unknown number in your Doosra call log.

Outgoing SMS'es
Since Doosra does not have a SIM card, outgoing messages aren’t possible. Due to this, you may not be able to sign-up on UPI apps like Google Pay, PhonePe etc. Other than this, Doosra can be used anywhere a mobile number is required (for OTP verification etc.). You can also sign-up and use your favourite messaging app like Whatsapp, Telegram or Messenger via your Doosra number.

Our pricing plans are fair, transparent and reflect our philosophy of providing a high-quality, privacy-focused platform

If you have an Indian mobile no,

you can get a Doosra number

Same phone. No SIM. Instant Activation.