We're working to resolve service issues with Doosra calls and SMSes. Apologies for the inconvenience.

Note from the CEO regarding the future of Doosra

Dear users,

Thank you for your continued support over the past three months.

We understand that these may have been challenging times for you due to the sudden suspension of our Doosra services, and for this we apologise.

Doosra is at crossroads today.

The likelihood and the time frame for arriving at any decision on the options are uncertain. While we have made every effort at various levels over the past three months to find solutions that are workable for the regulators and telecom operator, unfortunately, it has become apparent that our services are unlikely to be restored in the near future.

It has also become clear following discussions with various stakeholders and partners that there is no option to retain or port out numbers to our users.

In the interest of transparency and rather than extending timelines time and again for you, we have reached the difficult decision to discontinue our service and offer prorated refunds to all our remaining customers who may have not already claimed a refund. The last date to claim your refund is March 31st, 2024.

To claim your refund, please use this link: https://go.doosra.com/login

As a category creator, we are proud for what we built and the community we created with you. Doosra over the last 4 years blocked millions of spam/scam calls and messages. Your personal stories shared via tweets, calls, emails and reviews moved us and gave us purpose, and for that we are eternally grateful.

Thank you once again for your continued trust, patience and co-operation, thank you for believing in us and being a part of Doosra.We commit to learn from this bitter experience and continue to identify India-specific problems and solve them with innovative products and services in the future.


Aditya Vuchi and the Doosra team

If you have an Indian mobile no, you can get a Doosra Number

Same phone. No SIM. Instant Activation.


Your Doosra number does not require a separate SIM card or phone. It works on your existing phone. Just Download the app!

Auto-Block Calls

All incoming calls to your Doosra number are blocked by default and go straight to voicemail, but you can answer calls when required.

Whitelist Contacts

The Doosra app lets you whitelist contacts allowing them to call you on your Doosra no without being blocked.

Secure Call-Back

The app allows you to callback any incoming call you block without revealing your real no. Be incognito when needed!

Want to share your number somewhere?
Don't give it a Doosra thought!

Pharmacies  ·  Websites  ·  Shopping Malls  ·  Restaurants  ·  Car Dealerships
·  Dating apps  ·  Deliverables  ·  eCommerce
Doosra App Homescreen

The app is where the magic happens

View SMS's and OTPS
Listen to Voicemail
Smart Call Blocker
Secure Call-Back
Trusted Services
Secret Passcodes for Incoming Calls

Doosra PRO

No ads because you're not the product

Create Whatsapp, Telegram and other online accounts

Multi-user login (upto 5 devices)

Unlimited Voicemail

Call blocker to mute unsolicited calls

Add Trusted Contacts whose calls do not get blocked

Create secret passcodes that help relevant callers get around the call blocker

100 minutes of incoming and secure outgoing calling per month

Premium & VIP Number options



No ads because you're not the product

Unlimited Voicemail

Premium & VIP Number options

100 minutes of secure call back per month

10 Trusted Contacts

Get Half-Yearly Plan!

Billed semi-annually at ₹499

Doosra requires users to complete eKYC as per government regulations
Limitations of a virtual number

Outgoing Calls
For regulatory reasons, Indian virtual numbers are not allowed to have outgoing calling facility via a dialpad. However, you can always respond to any missed call using our secure call-back feature. So, no FOMO seeing an unknown number in your Doosra call log.

Outgoing SMS'es
Since Doosra does not have a SIM card, outgoing messages aren’t possible. Due to this, you may not be able to sign-up on UPI apps like Google Pay, PhonePe etc. Other than this, Doosra can be used anywhere a mobile number is required (for OTP verification etc.). You can also sign-up and use your favourite messaging app like Whatsapp, Telegram or Messenger via your Doosra number.

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