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Business Line
23 December 2021
Doosra raises seed funding from Omidyar Network India
Doosra, founded by serial entrepreneur Aditya Vuchi who recently sold MediaMint for ₹566 crore, has raised an undisclosed amount in seed funding from Omidyar Network India.
Telangana Today
22 December 2021
Hyderabad-based Doosra raises seed fund from Omidyar Network India, other investors
Serial entrepreneur Aditya Vuchi, who recently exited his previous company MediaMint in a Rs 566 crore deal, raised seed funding for his latest tech venture Doosra.
The Telegraph Online
6 December 2021
Enjoy more privacy with a virtual phone number
The Hyderabad-based start-up is proving quite a mover-and-shaker when it comes to upping privacy quotient
8 November 2021
Hyderabad-based telecom startup ‘Doosra’ aims 5 mn users in next 18-24 months
Launched in the midst of the pandemic, Doosra is targeting 3 to 5 million users in the next 18-24 months.
NDTV Gadgets 360
20 October 2021
How Doosra Tackles Spam by Reversing the Indian Phone Call System
Doosra offers a secondary virtual number to customers. It blocks all calls to that number by default, unless you whitelist them.
Buzzing Chandigarh
13 October 2021
Doosra number to protect mobile users’ privacy
In every aspect of our day to day life, in some or other form, we are forced to share our personal information especially our mobile numbers, thus end up getting endless spam calls and messages, continuous attempts of scam, phishing, and fraud, non-stop harassment by strangers and constant violation of privacy by brands.
The Tribune
4 October 2021
To ward off unwanted calls, take virtual mobile number
Unsolicited calls and spam messages are common every time you share your mobile number publicly. According to a report by digital security firm Gemalto, incidents of data breach in India were the second highest globally in 2018. These have gone up 18% in 2021 as compared to 2020.
Hindustan Times Tech
14 September 2021
We’ve inverted the concept of a phone number by blocking all calls by default, says Doosra CEO Aditya Vuchi
Ensuring your online privacy can be challenging if you can’t hide your phone number from online services that ask for it every day. Here’s how Doosra, a virtual phone number provider blocks unwanted contact by default, only allowing you to receive the calls and messages that you actually want.
The New Indian Express
1 September 2021
Raise your privacy shield
In an age of data breaches and state surveillance, founder of Doosra, Aditya Vuchi, talks about the importance of a privacy stack
India Today
19 August 2021
Phone number here and phone number there, Doosra app offers users privacy with virtual phone number
Sharing of phone numbers everywhere is loss of privacy, even risk of identity theft. And that is aside from the spamming that is certain to happen whenever you share your phone number. Doosra app is here to solve that problem
Navjeevan Express
30 July 2021
Digital safety: Ten20 Infomedia unveils Doosra number to protect mobile users’ privacy
India’s first 10-digit SIM-free mobile number that helps users to safeguard their identity from spammers and scammers
The Siasat Daily
29 July 2021
Protecting our privacy with a ‘Doosra’ number
Privacy today is a luxury, given how invasive mobile apps and telemarketers are, as they collect our personal data. As a result, many find themselves at the receiving end of unwanted calls or messages. And more often than not, this is a result of citizens having no option but to share their numbers here and there, or to organisations for information purposes.
29 July 2021
How Jio revolution inspired Doosra's evolution in India's consumer telephony
When Moin Khan coined the word Doosra it was of course in reference to the off-spin delivery from Saqlain Mushtaq that swung the other way...
9 July 2021
How Aditya Vuchi is Addressing Customer Data Protection and Privacy Concerns through Doosra
In an exclusive interaction with Motiverge, Aditya Vuchi, Founder and CEO of Doosra shares more insights about his venture, journey so far, motivation and future plans.
Telangana Today
13 June 2021
Doosra app to save your privacy
Telemarketing and other spam calls can become a major issue especially when one has a busy day or when one is expecting an important call. Many times people miss important calls due to spam calls.
Sakshi Post
2 June 2021
Doosra Comes to the rescue of social workers contributing to COVID-19
Facilitates 100 free Doosra Pro version virtual numbers to safeguard COVID volunteers from spam and irrelevant calls or messages
The New Indian Express
23 May 2021
Doosra, an app that filters mobile calls, allows only those numbers that are whitelisted
Calls made to the Doosra number are automatically blocked. However, one can also unblock such calls manually.
20 May 2021
Startups fight COVID-19: Doosra offers COVID warriors free virtual numbers to protect privacy
Hyderabad-based Doosra is offering COVID-19 volunteers a free six-month plan for a 10-digit, SIM-free, virtual mobile number that they can share at any place to avoid spam and reduce the risk of fraud.
The Hindu
19 May 2021
Doosra app: Protecting the privacy of India’s COVID-19 volunteers
The Hyderabad-made app Doosra provides users with a virtual phone number to protect their privacy and upkeep their safety
5 May 2021
Covid-19 volunteers are being subjected to spam, scam and scum; Here's a Doosra option
Here's a safe and peaceful way to volunteer and share your number without getting spammed or harassed.
Deccan Chronicle
9 April 2021
Doosra: Secondary number that keeps one's personal number away from unsolicited calls
There is a great potential for virtual number as it could replace the second SIMs that people have been using for a long time
Business Insider
4 March 2021
This spam blocker may add a layer of anonymity to your social media presence while Twitter and Facebook are under pressure to verify their users
Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter and other social media platforms have been asked to verify the identity of their users — this could be either through phone numbers or government-issued IDs like the Aadhaar card...
The Pioneer
18 Feb 2021
Quick fix for those spam calls
In a day and age when our smartphones dumb us down and require access and information to unnecessary details of ours, getting our numbers asked and noted before we enter restaurants, malls and other places is irksome. Fulfilling your wish for another number is the Doosra app. The Pioneer's Shikha Duggal writes more about the app, its features, benefits and more.
Telangana Today
4 Feb 2021
Hyderabad-based ‘Doosra’ eyes online, offline expansion
The app-based virtual number gives users the option of blocking all calls and also all messages sent to this number are stored in the app.
25 Jan 2021
Dodging Spammers & Fraudsters!
Block #spam calls with Doosra's virtual mobile number! 'Can use it everywhere except UPI', says Aditya Vuchi. Also tells Shruti Mishra how Doosra helps manage digital identities, its call filtering technology & the new products in the pipeline.

#StartupStreet #privacy
The Hans India
23 Jan 2021
Protection from unsolicited calls
There is good news for mobile users specially women with the launch of Doosra, a secondary virtual mobile number, that gives the customers protection from unsolicited calls phone number abuse from telemarketers and scamsters.
15 Jan 2021
Startup Circle: How does Doosra help secure personal identity with a secondary, virtual mobile number?
Currently, where everywhere you go, you have to give out a mobile number. Thus, it can become very annoying, and it takes away your privacy...
29 Dec 2020
This startup offers virtual SIMs that block spam calls; can be used for ordering food, booking cabs
Hyderabad startup Doosra is bringing cloud telephony to the B2C space by giving users a virtual secondary number they can use anywhere — online or offline. It has tied up with Swiggy, Zomato, Ola, UrbanCompany, and others.
The Economic Times
13 Dec 2020
Tired of spam calls? Going incognito with a SIM-free, 'Doosra' number can be a solution
For Hyderabad-based Anirudh Shah, every call is important. As the communication with his team and clients are therefore, it is imperative that he picks every phone call. Imagine his daily disappointments when he is compelled to pick up spam calls or unnecessary telemarketing calls...
30 Nov 2020
This Bootstrapped Hyderabad Startup Aims To Fix Phone Spam With ‘Doosra’ Mobile Number
Tackling the root cause of spam, Hyderabad-based app Doosra provides consumers with an alternative 10-digit number that can be used in lieu of a mobile number
The Indian Express
16 Nov 2020
Done with sharing your mobile number everywhere? ‘Doosra’ wants to help
Doosra is simply a virtual mobile number, which can help protect the user’s privacy. It wants to be secondary number that users share, without worrying about spam calls and messages.
16 Oct 2020
Pulling the plug on spam calls
India saw a deluge of spam calls and SMSes in 2019—do we finally have a solution for them?
Aaj Tak
12 Oct 2020
Indian startup starts virtual phone number service, will not have to share its number
There are many disadvantages to giving a phone number. The first thing is that you will get lots of spam calls...
The Hindu
19 Sept 2020
A 'Doosra' to fox spammers
KTR launches the app developed by city firm. It is a Doosra, but to keep a check on spam calls and messages. Unveiled by a Hyderabad firm, this Doosra is a tech solution...
Business Line
18 Sept 2020
A Doosra phone number that promises freedom from spammers
Start-up offers subscription-based solution to protect digital privacy
Telangana Today
18 Sept 2020
Dodge pesky calls with Doosra
City-based Ten20 Infomedia launches virtual number service. Many businesses seek our mobile number to either generate a bill, send promos or give discounts. But its use does...
19 Sept 2020
Doosra Number App released to protect mobile user privacy
Ten 20 Infomedia (Pvt) Ltd., Hyderabad, today lunched the innovative Doosra Mobile App to protect the digital identity of it's mobile users
Andhra Jyothi
18 Sept 2020
Check with 'Doosra Number' for unwanted calls
It is now common to ask for a mobile number when making purchases anywhere. Spam calls and messages after this are annoying.
19 Sept 2020
Stopped speaking on phone due to spam calls: Samanatha Akkineni
Southern starlet opens up about spam calls, violation of privacy and how she has discovered a new solution
Neva Telangana
17 Sept 2020
Doosra number to protect the privacy of mobile users
Protect users' identities from spammers and scammers. - India's first 10 digit SIM free mobile number
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