Doosra in the news!

29 Dec 2020
This startup offers virtual SIMs that block spam calls; can be used for ordering food, booking cabs
Hyderabad startup Doosra is bringing cloud telephony to the B2C space by giving users a virtual secondary number they can use anywhere — online or offline. It has tied up with Swiggy, Zomato, Ola, UrbanCompany, and others.
16 Oct 2020
Pulling the plug on spam calls
India saw a deluge of spam calls and SMSes in 2019—do we finally have a solution for them?
Aaj Tak
12 Oct 2020
Indian startup starts virtual phone number service, will not have to share its number
There are many disadvantages to giving a phone number. The first thing is that you will get lots of spam calls...
The Hindu
19 Sept 2020
A 'Doosra' to fox spammers
KTR launches the app developed by city firm. It is a Doosra, but to keep a check on spam calls and messages. Unveiled by a Hyderabad firm, this Doosra is a tech solution...
Telangana Today
18 Sept 2020
Dodge pesky calls with Doosra
City-based Ten20 Infomedia launches virtual number service. Many businesses seek our mobile number to either generate a bill, send promos or give discounts. But its use does...
19 Sept 2020
Doosra Number App released to protect mobile user privacy
Ten 20 Infomedia (Pvt) Ltd., Hyderabad, today lunched the innovative Doosra Mobile App to protect the digital identity of it's mobile users
Andhra Jyothi
18 Sept 2020
Check with 'Doosra Number' for unwanted calls
It is now common to ask for a mobile number when making purchases anywhere. Spam calls and messages after this are annoying.
19 Sept 2020
Stopped speaking on phone due to spam calls: Samanatha Akkineni
Southern starlet opens up about spam calls, violation of privacy and how she has discovered a new solution
Neva Telangana
17 Sept 2020
Doosra number to protect the privacy of mobile users
Protect users' identities from spammers and scammers. - India's first 10 digit SIM free mobile number