The Doosra Manifesto

We believe that privacy is a fundamental right. An undeniable right earned at birth.
A right that is being systemically violated by brands, companies & marketers every day.
We refuse to accept this abuse and commit Doosra to protect your privacy.
Doosra is, thus, not a service or an app.
It is a proclamation to a broken system that views each one of us as a data point.
Data that they can use as currency - buy, sell, barter, steal.
Doosra brings the control back to you. You choose who can reach you. And who can't.
Privacy is our code, and our high.
In everything we do (and don't), privacy is what guides us.
For us, when you get a Doosra number, you come first. And second. And third.
There is no space for advertisers, marketers, and least of all spam.

We are Doosra. We protect your privacy.