Doosra PRO

No ads because you're not the product

Create Whatsapp, Telegram and other online accounts

Multi-user login (upto 5 devices)

Unlimited Voicemail

Call blocker to mute unsolicited calls

Add Trusted Contacts whose calls do not get blocked

Create secret passcodes that help relevant callers get around the call blocker

100 minutes of incoming /outgoing calling per month

Premium & VIP Number options



No ads because you're not the product

Unlimited Voicemail

Premium & VIP Number options

100 minutes of secure call back per month

10 Trusted Contacts

Get Half-Yearly Plan!

Billed semi-annually at ₹499

Doosra requires users to complete eKYC as per government regulations
Limitations of a virtual number

Outgoing Calls
For regulatory reasons, Indian virtual numbers are not allowed to have outgoing calling facility via a dialpad. However, you can always respond to any missed call using our secure call-back feature. So, no FOMO seeing an unknown number in your Doosra call log.

Outgoing SMS'es
Since Doosra does not have a SIM card, outgoing messages aren’t possible. Due to this, you may not be able to sign-up on UPI apps like Google Pay, PhonePe etc. Other than this, Doosra can be used anywhere a mobile number is required (for OTP verification etc.). You can also sign-up and use your favourite messaging app like Whatsapp, Telegram or Messenger via your Doosra number.

A 'Doosra' to fox spammers
“Privacy is a fundamental right and Doosra aims to protect your identity in this digital era where we are exposed to threats both online and offline,” founder and CEO Aditya Vuchi said. Industries and IT Minister K.T.Rama Rao, launching Doosra recently, said its potential is huge.
Indian startup starts virtual phone number service...
"These days it has become necessary to provide a phone number for most of the service. You have to give your phone number almost everywhere. There are many disadvantages to giving a phone number. The first thing is that you will get lots of spam calls. In terms of women's privacy and safety, giving your phone number for every service is a bit of a waste."
Dodge pesky calls with Doosra
“The consequences of sharing our personal mobile number is we become a target of endless spam calls and messages, attempts of scam, phishing, and fraud, non-stop harassment by strangers and constant violation of privacy by brands,” said Vuchi about the problem the company is trying to solve through the launch of Doosra.

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"Doosra - Gen X product. A meaningful product with a strong purpose that blocks unwanted calls at source and the application is wonderfully designed. Kudos to the team!"
Gurtejbir Sandhu
"Great application been a user for quite sometime and love the UI. It is great to avoid pesky calls and helpful in selectively sharing of your contact number!"
"#DoosraNow no more spam calls, I can share my Doosra number anywhere without any tension. Best features as well. #now no Darna only sharing Doosra.✌️🤗🥳 "
Arjun Arunkumar
"I love the use case this app has set out to solve. Very simple and tastefully done. A must have to guard against today's time of spam and privacy invasion."
Shruthi V
"Switching over to doosra number all over the internet to make my personal phone clutter-free. It's been a lovely experience so far."
Some days old days
"This is a problem that really needed a solution for a very long time. Thank you for this great product. Just signed up and everything looks great till now. Will update this review further after using it for a few weeks."