Spammers Are Attaining New Levels, What Should You Do?

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Are you someone who regularly uses e-commerce sites or online services? If you are living in the 21st century, you must have had at least minimal interaction with service providers like Zomato, Swiggy, Uber, Urban Company, Amazon, Flipkart and Nykaa. When you use these sites to avail products and services, the first ask is that you sign up or login to the platforms and, to login, you must provide them your personal number or email id. Without adding your number to their registry, you cannot receive important OTPs or notifications so, without a second thought, you go forward and share your personal number. After all, these sites are supposed to keep your number and other personal data safe, right? While that is the assumption, it is not always the case.

E-commerce Sites Being Misused

Nykaa is a beauty and personal care products site which allows you to look at an extensive catalogue of products and decide on what you would like to purchase. Most of us have visited Nykaa at least once, to marvel at their products and enjoy the awesome discounts. With quick service and a wide range, Nykaa is an excellent option for buying your favourite cosmetics or for gifting your loved ones on special occasions. However, did you know there was a dark side to this story, one that you should be aware of?

Innovative Spamming on the Rise

According to a recent article in the news, spammers calling and using Nykaa’s name have increased significantly. It is certain that Nykaa is not involved in these spam calls but, sadly, Nykaa’s extensive database has been accessed by innovative miscreants who are now targeting customers claiming to be from the company. The spam calls come in a variety of formats, to confuse customers, with one customer claiming that she received a call which mentioned a lucky draw and asked her to make a purchase for 4999 rupees. The spammer said that, upon making the purchase, she would receive 40% refund, making it an offer which seemed too good to be true. Luckily, the customer was wary of the offer and did not get fooled but, if she had fallen prey to the spam, she would have been duped out of her hard-earned money.  

Who Is Leaking Data?

While Nykaa is not being suspected as the source of the leak, you need to know that, upon sharing your data with an e-commerce site, it becomes available to a variety of players, including the logistics partners who fulfil your orders. Through this long chain of command, it becomes difficult to zero in on the guilty party and resolve the issue. Further, like a hydra, when one head gets cut off, innovative spammers grow several more to attack and dupe unwary customers. If you or your friends and family members have also received such calls which attempt to fleece you by naming a company you trust, you know how dangerous spam is and how important it is to protect yourself from the menace. In fact, some spammers are even sharing UPI ids with the name of the brand, to make the fraud more believable to customers who, unwittingly, end up transferring money and getting duped.       

Virtual Numbers Offer Safety

Now imagine a scenario where you have a virtual phone number handy. Whenever an e-commerce site asks you to share your contact details, you can simply input your virtual number, which is not connected to your personal number or private data in anyway. With a second phone number, you can easily access important OTPs and notifications, and also get the product or service delivered to your doorstep. Since you are not sharing your personal number at any stage of this journey, no miscreant can identify you or trick you with spam calls. Further, a virtual phone number provider like Doosra is also capable of proactively screening and blocking spam calls, ensuring that, even when your virtual number does get shared, you do not end up receiving these spurious calls or losing your peace of mind. Most importantly, there is no way for spammers to access your private data and, thereby, trick you with targeted calls or offers. 

Doosra Can Make All the Difference

As a second phone number provider in India, Doosra has always believed in the privacy manifesto and it is our sworn oath to protect you from menacing spammers and fraudsters intent on duping you of your money. We have seen firsthand, the impact of spam and telemarketing calls, and are offering a service which will break the bridge between you and spammers intent on attacking you. With a Doosra virtual phone number, you can go about your daily lives and share your second number with everyone, while being safe in the knowledge that your personal number is optimally protected. And, if you need to allow access to your delivery services, all you have to do is share a code which marks them as safe. Now, live your life freely while Doosra takes care of your privacy requirements and enjoy as much e-commerce purchases as you like.