2023 Trends in Spam Call Tactics and How to Stay Ahead


If we are to look back at 2023, it is the rise in unsolicited communication. Be it emails, calls, or text messages,spam is increasing primarily because:

1. Gaining private information using sophisticated phishing attacks is easier than ever before.

2. Despite customers using Do Not Disturb (DND) features to block all telemarketing calls, stopping spamcalls is next to impossible.

As we step into 2024, the tactics employed by spammers are becoming more sophisticated and harder to detect.Artificial Intelligence and RoboCalls only add to the problem, making anti-spam policies seem like a lost battle.Fortunately, there are ways to stay away from spam forever.

In this blog, we'll explore the emerging spam call trends in 2023 and discuss how leveraging innovativesolutions like Doosra Virtual Number can help users stay one step ahead.

2023 Trends in Spam Call Tactics

1. Increase in Number Spoofing

Spammers know technologies and smart Caller IDs are available to help report spam calls. Number spoofing is where the spammer manipulates the displayed phone number to mimic a trusted entity, such as a bank, company,or other. This tactic has worked since one in three scam victims reported picking up the call because the number seemed genuine.

2. Increased International Spam Calls

Since the National Do Not Call (NDNC) registry imposes strict restrictions on telemarketers and spammers,spammers are using international numbers to go undetected.

Scammers are even using spoof area codes to make their calls more genuine and impersonate employees of well known businesses to gain user information. Many users are also already witnessing a rise in unknown calls from international numbers. This also makes it difficult for law enforcement to track them down.

3. Robocalls are Increasing

Instead of humans making fraudulent calls, technology is being deployed to target unsuspecting individuals. Asper a report, fraudulent robocalls accounted for 21% of all calls in 2023, and 182 million robocalls were made every day.

4. Use of AI-driven Voice Manipulation

The rising sophistication of AI has given rise to a new problem. AI is being used to modulate voices, enabling spammers to create life like recordings of trusted voices. These manipulated voices are then used to deceive individuals into providing sensitive information or taking specific actions.

5. OTP Bots

Spam isn't limited to calls alone; SMS phishing (smishing) and voice phishing (vishing) attacks are rising.Spammers use these tactics to trick individuals into divulging sensitive information like OTPs through text messages or voice calls.

6. SIM Swap

The most scary trend is the practice of SIM swap. Hackers use sophisticated means to access your phone numberand assign it to a new SIM on their device. If the SIM swap is successful, they can gain full control of you raccounts and anything related to your mobile number.

According to reports, such ransomware damages could account for $30 billion worldwide in 2023.

Ways to Stay Ahead of Spam Calls

1. Leverage Technology

The rise of spam calls has led to several technological solutions being implemented to combat the issue. These include verifying caller authenticity, using smart caller ID, and even using Machine Learning and AI to detect suspicious callers and report them.Despite this, many spam calls go undetected.

Despite this, many spam calls go undetected.

2. Legal & Regulatory Filters

The menace of spam calls is well known, and the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has issued new guidelines that require all telecom operators to employ AI spam filters in their call and message services.

Telecom providers must also provide a Do Not Disturb (DND) feature, which helps block all telemarketing calls.However, even this has short comings.

3. Keep your Private Number protected

The most foolproof method to stop all types of spam and scam calls is to keep your number private. However,for most, this is unavoidable due to the need to share numbers for business or other purposes.

Moreover, phishing attacks are increasing, and scammers may obtain over 33 million records within 2023 alone,containing individual details and phone numbers.

Stay Ahead Using A Doosra Number

A look at the spam trends in 2023 will tell you one thing - it is clear that to win the battle against spam, we needto use better mechanisms. Protecting private numbers is one of the best means to avoid spam and ensure safety from phishing or scam callers.

Doosra's virtual number offers the perfect option to safeguard yourself against these trends. Doosra's virtual number acts as a filter between the user and potential spammers. By leveraging cutting-edge technology, Doosra ensures that you receive calls only from numbers that you have whitelisted.

Using Doosra's virtual number, individuals not only protect their privacy but also contribute to the collective effort to the spam calls. So stay vigilant, and use a Doosra virtual number to keep your number and virtual identity protected.