Why Every Smartphone User Should Consider Getting a Virtual Phone Number


Look around at any point in time, and you will see a majority of people glued to their smartphones. Smart phones have become an extension of ourselves and are essential to enjoying the conveniences of modern-day life.

That said, these conveniences do come at a cost - disclosing your personal phone number, which in turn opens the flood gates to unwanted spam calls, identity theft, and a myriad of other threats.

That is where virtual phone numbers come in, and this blog will tell you why you must get one if you are a smartphone user.

What is a Virtual Phone Number?

Virtual Phone numbers are numbers that are not linked to physical phone lines. These are cloud-based systems that work using VOIP, which gives them the added benefit of not being location-specific and, in turn,anonymous in terms of privacy protection.

Reasons Why You Should Get a Virtual Phone Number

There are numerous benefits to getting a virtual phone number if you are a smartphone user. Here are the moresignificant ones:

Enhanced Privacy

Your phone number is the gateway to your personal life. It is linked to everything from your financials to your social media and your dating profile. This is information you don't want to get into the wrong hands. Having ago-to virtual number ensures that you don't need to share your personal number everywhere.

Protection Against Spam Calls

Virtual phone numbers can be used for signing up for different websites, which usually leads to spam calls, and this way, you can protect your personal number. At the same time, it makes identifying the spam calls easier.

Getting a virtual phone number is the easiest way to block spam calls once and for all. Moreover, with a Doosra virtual phone number, only you can decide who can call you.

Separation Of Personal And Professional Life

Juggling work and personal calls with the same number is no doubt a hassle. With a virtual number for business, you can maintain a separation between your work and personal life, achieving a work-life balance.

Cost Efficient

Traditional phone systems need a substantial infrastructure setup involving hardware and physical lines. Virtual phone numbers operate on an internet connection, which lowers or eliminates these setup expenses.

Geographic Flexibility

Ever traveled abroad and been left with a gaping hole in your wallet every time you had to make a call due to exorbitantly high roaming charges? Virtual phone numbers are the answer; all you need is an internet connection, and you are good to go.

Security, Easy Portability, And Convenience

A virtual phone number will also help you secure your data and online accounts with end-to-end encryption and Two-factor authentication (2FA). They also give you the flexibility and customization of quickly switching or porting your numbers from one service provider to another.

Business Use And Global Reach

A virtual phone number can help you boost your business image and expand your market presence. You can get a local or toll-free number for any country or region and connect with customers and partners worldwide. You can also set up a virtual call centre or integrate your number with various business tools and apps.

Virtual Phone Numbers: The Doosra Way

Doosra is a virtual phone system for business and personal use that gives you a 10-digit virtual phone number that you can use on any smartphone without a SIM card or the need for a secondary device.

You can use your Doosra number to sign up for online services, verify your identity, or communicate with anyone without ever having to reveal your personal phone number. Doosra automatically blocks all calls by default except those that you have whitelisted. If someone really needs to get in touch with you, Doosra lets them leave you a voicemail.

Doosra virtual number also takes care of those annoying spam messages, letting only the important OTPs and messages from your trusted contacts get through.

All of this with the flexibility to pay based on your convenience (annually or half-yearly).

So, take the Doosra step and secure your personal phone number! Visit  website to know more.