What is caller ID spoofing? Can my phone number be used for spam calls?

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Once upon a time, they were just irritating but now spoof calls are dangerous. With spammers upping their game and finding new ways to steal data, we need to pay attention to spoof calls and find ways to put an end to them.

What is caller ID spoofing?

Also known as call spoofing or spoof calling, caller ID spoofing is process of using a fake caller ID to hide the real details while making spam calls. It is one of the more popular kinds of spoofing that cybercriminals are using today.


Spammers are spoof calling to pretend that they are trusted authorities to trick you into spending money or into revealing your personal information.


Neighbor spoofing is a common practice where the caller ID displays a local number regardless of where the spammer is actually calling from. A few others go to the extent of using Government numbers to ensure that you trust them.

Can your number be used for spam calls?

Yes, the numbers chosen to disguise real phone numbers are random and it is totally possible to use yours. Spammers look to find active and trustable numbers to do their bidding for them. Even though there’s no surefire way to put an end to this, there are steps you can take to reduce the risk. We have enlisted a few of them for you:

·   Steer clear of online competitions, surveys, and sweepstakes. Do not log in to any of these sites with your number.

·   Do not reveal your phone number to anyone unless absolutely necessary.

·   As boring as it may be, go through the terms & conditions before signing up for a service. Read the data sharing and selling parts of the contract even more carefully.

·   Use a virtual number for WhatsApp and other social media platforms to keep your private number safe.

·   Block unknown and spam numbers manually

·   Report unwanted calls

·   Don’t provide any information to anyone on call

·   Do not tap any buttons while on call and do not reply to unknown messages

Signs that your number has been spoofed

As mentioned earlier, it is very difficult to completely protect your number, especially because you have probably already shared it online multiple times. These telltale signs will help you identify if someone’s using your number.


·   You are receiving messages or calls with people asking who you are

·   You are receiving responses to messages you never sent

·   You are receiving angry messages asking you to stop calling even though you never called them

·   You are receiving calls from your own number


If you identify even one of the above, you should take measures to stop it such as the following:


·   Record a voicemail message informing your contacts that your number has been targeted

·   Silence and block all unknown numbers

·   Lodge a complaint with the TRAI

How can Doosra help you?

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Caller ID spoofing can be damaging if you don’t take measures to stop it. Thankfully, Doosra provides an easy way out. Subscribe to the service and switch to distraction-free, secure living.