Update of KYC Norms

Marketing Team
2 mins

Due to changing regulations in the telecom sector, it has now become mandatory even for Essential users to do their e-KYC on the Doosra app. We recognise this is a change from our previous stance of not taking KYC for essential plans. Essential plans had some feature limitations that justified our logical decision to not enforce KYC. However, due to a DOT circular issued in Sep 2020 and subsequent clarifications issued in Mar 2021, all providers are mandated to go through KYC verification.

How do I do the KYC?

If you are a subscriber on an essential plan, you should see a pop-up to undergo the e-KYC in the Doosra app. You will be asked to upload a govt-issued address/ID proof (Voter ID or Aadhaar Card or Driver's License or Passport) along with a selfie for us to authenticate your account. The whole process should not take more than 2 mins. You will have until Nov 30th 2021 to do this.

Will you charge me more?

No, you will not be charged any additional fee to do this KYC

What if I do not want to do my KYC?

We respect your privacy and cannot force you to give your KYC. You can choose to terminate your account and we will issue a refund for the remaining portion of your Doosra subscription. However, government regulations require us to store the information even for terminated accounts on our servers for a timeline prescribed in Data management after deletion section of the privacy policy here

What will you do with my KYC data?

Nothing. We will store the KYC data on our servers as long as you are a customer of ours. This data will not be given or sold to anyone. However, we do abide by law enforcement regulations and if there is a specific request made for a Doosra, we are obligated to assist them.

Does this change Doosra's revenue model?

No, we are fully committed to privacy and our revenue model is based on user subscriptions. No ads and no data monetisation.