Smart Strategies for Safer Dating: Leveraging Virtual Numbers to Maintain Privacy


In an era where finding love or companionship often begins with a few swipes on a dating app, the quest for privacy and safety remains a paramount concern. While the digital age has undoubtedly made it easier to connect with potential partners, it has also opened up new avenues for scams, fraud, and invasions of privacy. According to a recent news article, about 66% of Indian adults, across gender and other societal norms, have fallen prey to online dating and/or romance scams, and victims have lost nearly 8000 rupees, on average. And scams are not the only concern you should have.

Let us consider the instance of 27-year-old Shweta, who lives in Gurugram, and was open to meeting potential suitors via online dating sites such as Tinder and Hinge. Upon uploading her profile, she received interest from multiple men, and found herself liking Aditya, a 29-year-old IT professional residing in Noida. The pair exchanged contact details and met up a few times but Shweta found herself uncomfortable with Aditya’s behaviour patterns. She decided to disconnect from him, only to find him at her doorstep one evening. She was shocked, since she had never shared her address with him. While she managed to protect herself, Shweta later found out that Aditya had tracked her location using the mobile number she had shared with him! This was a clear case of harassment and stalking.

The Perils of Online Dating

Online dating has become increasingly popular, with millions of people worldwide seeking love, companionship, or even casual connections through various dating platforms. However, this convenience comes at a cost. Scammers and fraudsters have taken advantage of the anonymity provided by these platforms, often targeting vulnerable individuals looking for genuine relationships. We have all heard of stories that highlight the dangers of online dating, like the popular romance scam, where people fall in love with each other on dating apps and then find themselves robbed of their savings. This happens when the scammer starts asking for financial assistance, claiming they are in a dire situation and the victim send them a substantial amount of money, only to realise later that they have fallen victim to a romance scam.

Concerns of Identity Theft

Separately, many online dating victims have shared their personal details with people they meet online, including their full name, address, and workplace. While Shweta had only shared her mobile number, she found out the hard way that even that was too much information in the hands of the wrong person. Many victims have encountered dangerous scammers and fraudsters who acquire the victims’ personal information only to steal their identities, thereby causing significant financial and emotional distress. Given the dangers lurking in the online dating world, a smart strategy for safer dating involves using virtual numbers to maintain your privacy while navigating the countless matches you may come across.

The Benefits of Virtual Numbers in Online Dating

As the risks associated with online dating become more apparent, it's essential to take proactive steps to protect yourself. One such step is to use virtual numbers. Here are the key benefits of leveraging virtual numbers when dating online:

Preserve Personal Privacy: Virtual numbers allow you to keep your actual phone number confidential. You can provide your virtual number to potential matches without revealing your real contact information, reducing the risk of unwanted calls, texts, or harassment.

Control over Communication: Virtual numbers offer you complete control over your communication with online acquaintances. If a situation turns uncomfortable or unsafe, you can easily block or change your virtual number, severing the connection without compromising your security.

Prevent Identity Theft: By using a virtual number, you can safeguard your personal identity and prevent fraudsters from gaining access to your real contact details. This added layer of security reduces the risk of falling victim to identity theft.

Easy Screening: You can use virtual numbers for different dating platforms or individuals, making it easier to track who contacts you while keeping your identity safe. This simplifies the process of identifying potential red flags or scams.

Maintain Boundaries: Virtual numbers help you set boundaries in your online dating interactions. You can choose when and how you want to share your real contact information, allowing you to establish trust gradually.

Doosra – Your Best Friend

Doosra, a virtual number provider in India, offers a valuable solution for individuals navigating the world of online dating. With Doosra's second phone numbers, users can confidently share their contact details with potential matches, eliminating the fear of their personal information being misused or compromising their privacy down the line. This additional layer of security not only facilitates smoother and more open communication in the online dating sphere but also empowers users to maintain greater control over their personal data, creating a safer and more enjoyable dating experience. After Shweta’s scary encounter with Aditya, she chose the Doosra way to protect her identity while meeting matches. Only when she was certain of a long relationship did she share her personal number. Now, you can also get or gift your loved one a virtual number and ensure optimal protection from the myriad perils of online dating in an imperfect world.