Protect your private number- Get a virtual number

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Gone are the days when your phone was just a means of communication. Today, it is a powerhouse of information. If such information falls into the wrong hands, it can result in a personal data breach. According to The Financial Express, a recent report by cybersecurity company Surfshark has revealed that data of 18 out of every 100 Indians have been breached since 2004. Moreover, there has been an alarming leak of 962.7 million Indian data points. Most of these involved names, phone numbers, and passwords.

Wondering how to prevent such a data breach of your personal information? An effective way to do so would be to keep your personal number private and opt for a virtual number that you can share everywhere.

Reasons to Keep Your Personal Number as Private

Here are some of the significant reasons to get a virtual number in India and keep your personal number private:

Avoid Scammers and Fraudsters

  • How many spam calls do you receive daily? When your personal number is in the hands of scammers, and your private data is linked to it, you remain under the threat of a data breach. In other words, you risk losing your hard-earned money and sensitive data being compromised due to the various duping techniques adopted by fraudsters.

Keep Your Business and Personal Calls Separate

  • Having a contact number is a necessity for every profession and business today. But sharing your personal number with work contacts and business associates can blur the line between your family and professional life. In the long run, this can impact your work-life balance.

Cut Out Irrelevant Calls and Communication

  • Attending to the calls of pesky tele-callers and marketing associates is not just frustrating but a waste of time as well. They can leave you distracted, which can impact your productivity. Are you aware that, on average, it takes around 23 minutes to refocus once you get distracted? Just imagine how much your work gets impacted if you receive such unwanted calls multiple times a day. Additionally, cutting out such irrelevant calls can boost your mental well-being.

How Can a Virtual Number Help You?

A virtual number can help you screen your calls and attend to only those significant to you. At the same time, it can protect your data. It’s important to understand that not all virtual numbers may be able to meet these specifications. That’s why it’s not enough just to get a virtual number. Rather, you need to select a virtual number provider who can address these needs effectively.

This is where Doosra can help you. It can safeguard you and your data. The best part is that you don’t need another physical SIM card to use this secondary number.

Doosra: A Perfect Solution for Your Privacy Needs

Doosra is a provider of virtual phone numbers in India. We enable you to get a second number on your existing phone and SIM card with instant activation. As long as you have an Indian mobile number, you can opt for a Doosra virtual number in India.

A Doosra secondary number is a game-changer in the modern interconnected world. This virtual number system has been developed keeping in mind the need to maintain a fine balance between accessibility and data safety. As such, it helps you to remain open to receiving calls from your near and dear ones but block out scammers and telemarketers. You can share this number with anyone without having to worry about compromising your data.

An interesting feature of this second number is that it puts all incoming calls to voicemail by default, leaving you with the option to answer any call that you might want to. You can select and unblock the numbers of family and friends so that they may reach you directly on your secondary number as well.

A Doosra virtual number is the key to your privacy, data safety, and peace of mind!