Privacy is Cool - You need it!

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For today's generation that practically lives and feeds off the internet, privacy is a must-have accessory and is the new black! It's no longer just a boring necessity. So put away your outdated notions and join us as we explore why privacy is essential and the ultimate symbol of being in the know. From the latest privacy trends to crucial tips for keeping your information safe, you won't want to miss a beat. So come along for the ride, and let's make privacy cool again - because, let's face it, you need it.

Why Should We Pay More Attention to It?

With the rise of technology, people are sharing more personal information online than ever. However, many people need to give privacy the significant value it deserves. They may share personal information freely without thinking about the potential consequences. At the same time, they may feel violated when their personal information is shared without their consent or when their online activity is monitored.

This highlights the need for privacy and the importance of knowing how personal information is used and shared.

The Ugly Side of Breaches in Privacy

Privacy is highly crucial in personal life for several reasons. First, it protects individuals from identity theft, fraud, and other online scams. This ensures mental peace by allowing people to set boundaries and protect themselves from unwanted attention or intrusion.

That being said, privacy on the digital front is highly compromised. The widespread use of technology has led to increased personal information being shared online, making it easier for others to access and potentially misuse it. For example, personal information shared on social media platforms can be easily accessed by advertisers, hackers, or even potential employers. In addition, the anonymity provided by the internet also makes it easier for people to invade others' privacy, as they may not be held accountable for their actions.

Your Phone Number Is the Key

Phone numbers have become the primary digital identity of a person. They are often used to verify identity and access sensitive information such as online accounts, banking institutions and personal documents. With so much data linked to a single phone number, it becomes a valuable target for hackers, spammers, and scammers.

One way to protect your privacy and block unnecessary spam is by using a virtual phone number. A virtual secondary number is a phone number that is not linked to a person's physical phone but can be used for communication, just like a regular phone number. This allows individuals to separate their personal and professional communication.

For example, you can have a virtual number for WhatsApp. This app has become a standard mode of communication in the country. Use this virtual number for all non-personal communication. Now, if I have piqued your interest and you want to know how to get a virtual phone number in India, look no further than Doosra.

Doosra - The Bane of All Internet Scammers

Doosra is a virtual phone number provider from whom you can get a virtual number in India and give yourself complete control over your privacy. It does not necessitate the purchase of a second SIM card or a second device.

Doosra essentially provides you with a virtual phone number that can function as a second phone number that you can share publicly while keeping your personal number private. For example, use the Doosra number just for Whatsapp to connect with people at work and anywhere else.

Doosra blocks all calls and messages by default unless you add them to your list of trusted contacts. If someone not on the list needs to get in touch with you, they can leave you a voicemail.

They also provide a secure calling feature to call back someone who has tried to get in touch with you without ever revealing your number. It does not matter if you return a call to a trusted contact or call a masked number or even an unknown number that Doosra automatically blocks by default; Doosra will always keep your number masked.

Summing It Up

A virtual secondary number can be a valuable tool for protecting your privacy. It allows you to separate your personal and professional communication while providing a shield for personal information. This can benefit people who want to keep their phone numbers private and get rid of unwanted calls and messages.

Protect your privacy the Doosra way and get a virtual number from Doosra today!