Privacy at Your Fingertips: Doosra Is the Saviour

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Today, the more you integrate technology into your daily life, the higher the risk to your privacy. Smartphones, for instance, have become our trusted companions and go with us everywhere, including your phone number and passwords. These devices and technology can track your movement and location, what type of content you consume and what you buy online. They know your deepest and darkest secrets. Unfortunately, in the privacy department, they can also be your worst enemy!

Privacy: An Illusion in Today's Digital World

The way things are in the current scenario, privacy is an illusion. Everything you do online is tracked, and that data is collected and sold to ad and telemarketing agencies. They, in turn, bombard you with targeted ads and spam calls. Take your phone number, for instance; you cannot order food without one today. You are asked for it at every big brand store while checking out. Want to look for insurance plans or rental properties online? Well, enter your phone number again.
You may think that one way to go about this is to get a second phone number and use that everywhere you are required to give your number publically. Well, that is a good idea, but you might need to go through the hassle of getting a second sim and a compatible mobile device. And the details of your new number will eventually be sold to telemarketers anyway, leading you back to square one.
Read on to learn how you can overcome this recurring challenge!

Take Back Control of Your Privacy With Doosra

However grim the situation may be, all is not lost. You may not be able to have absolute control over everything, but when it comes to your phone number, there is still hope.
Enter Doosra! Doosra is a virtual phone number that gives you full control over your privacy. It does not require getting another physical SIM or a second compatible device. With Doosra, you essentially get a virtual phone number in India that can act like a second phone number that you can share publicly while your personal number stays private. You get full control over your privacy with your Doosra number. All unwanted messages and calls are blocked except those you trust.

What Else Can Doosra Do?

Doosra gives back the control of your privacy to you. It does so through the points detailed below:
Doosra blocks all unwanted calls and messages by default and keeps a record of them.
If someone genuinely tries to get in touch with you, they can leave you a voicemail.
It is then up to you if your want to call them back. If it's someone you know, you can add them to your list of Trusted Contacts whose calls don't get blocked.
Doosra has also partnered with trusted brands in the country that offer services whose calls you will need to come through, like Zomato, Swiggy, Amazon, Urban Clap, and Dunzo.
Doosra also offers a secured calling feature that generates an intermediary number if you need to call someone. That way, you do not have to reveal your personal or Doosra number to anyone.

Go Private the Doosra Way!

Doosra is one of the only services of its kind in the country. If privacy concerns you, get a second phone number, and Doorsa is the way to go!