Meet Doosra, your secondary number to give at places you don’t care about

Aditya Vuchi

As a serial entrepreneur I have pursued projects that have given me a deep sense of personal and professional satisfaction. In my decade long entrepreneurial journey, there was one factor that really underpinned these pursuits and that was my quest for respecting consumer privacy.

With Zippr, we were able to give personalized and smart addresses to consumers. The advantage was that a Zippr address masks their real address from inquisitive intruders and unwanted strangers. Taking a cue from that experience , I and my team set out to solve another major problem; the rampant misuse and abuse of one’s personal mobile number by spammers and telemarketers alike. I am sure you have personally experienced these unwanted intrusions.

My team and I are pleased to announce the launch of Doosra, the world’s first privacy-focused mobile service: a virtual phone number. All calls to a Doosra number pass through a smart filter you control, allowing important calls to be forwarded to your personal mobile.

When you sign-up, we instantly give you a Doosra virtual number, a 100% virtual number; meaning no SIM card or device or a separate phone is required for it to work. Once you sign-up, you can download the accompanying iOS or Android App to manage your preferences in finer detail.

Doosra App’s features include:

  • TimePause: Turn-off the Doosra filter for 60 mins (when you are expecting a call from an unknown number such as a Delivery executive). Read more here
  • GeoPause: Turn-off the Doosra filter at a specific location: When you are in a meeting or conference where you shared your Doosra number and want the phone to ring while you’re there. Read more here
  • Trusted Contacts: Allow certain temporary personal contacts, or professional acquaintances to bypass the filter and speak to you by adding them as a trusted contact. Once you delete the contact, the filter turns on for them. Its that simple!. We wrote a full post about this feature here
  • Trusted Services: Allow certain services or merchants to reach you, regardless of which number they call from. For example, we are now live with Swiggy. If you enable Swiggy as a trusted service provider, all calls from their delivery executives will bypass the filter and ring on your phone. The controls will always be with you.
  • Secure Callback: When an unknown number calls you, and you need to call them back, use the secure callback functionality to call them safely as Doosra does not expose your personal number to them.
  • Call and message log: See all filtered calls and SMSes in real-time through the Doosra app. Have handy access to OTPs sent to your Doosra number

Once you have a Doosra virtual phone number, feel free to share with the world! Just because someone knows your number, does not give them the right to spam you. With the features listed above, you can imagine the benefits of virtual number are limitless with Doosra.

Doosra is committed to your privacy; which means your data is protected and is never shared with anyone. You can read our privacy doctrine here


At Doosra, we believe our pricing should reflect our philosophy of providing a financially viable service without ever needing to rely on sneaky practices of selling customer data. The answer is in subscription pricing. You can view our plans here and get a virtual phone number today with Doosra.

Sign-up for a Doosra number now! And start living a peaceful spam and sales calls free life.

- Aditya Vuchi