Is your Whatsapp not private anymore?

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WhatsApp has revolutionized the way people keep in touch today. It has become the preferred platform for doing much more than just communicating. A lot happens over WhatsApp, from sharing documents, images, and videos to location and other content. Unfortunately, there’s a downside to it as well, a potential loss of privacy.

A Lack of WhatsApp Privacy in Recent Times

WhatsApp started as an instant messaging service that gave the freedom to be in touch with only those who had your number. It was always supposed to be a private platform. However, that is no longer the case today. Now it’s not just your SMS inbox and emails bombarded with unwanted offers and marketing information. The trend has invaded WhatsApp DMs as well. It has turned into a tool in the hands of companies who don’t think twice before overloading you with offers and marketing information.

How to Deal With This Loss of Privacy?

Identifying the cause of this privacy loss is essential to find a solution. People often use their personal numbers for shopping or logging into various apps and websites. More often than not, they give access to such apps and companies to collect data linked to the number. So, it’s easy to understand how these apps and companies can get hold of your number and compromise the privacy of your WhatsApp. This makes it important that you avoid using your personal number at all kinds of online and offline places, including e-commerce sites, shopping malls, restaurants, websites, etc.
You might think that having a secondary number for WhatsApp will be an easy way to deal with this issue. You can protect the privacy of your WhatsApp by not sharing this number anywhere. But this may not be the case. That’s because, eventually, the telemarketers will also get access to your new number, leaving you frustrated once more. Also, you will have to get a second physical SIM for this purpose, which is an added hassle.
An effective solution is to opt for a second virtual number for WhatsApp. It will enable you to shield your personal number and keep your WhatsApp private. Just share the number you get from your virtual number provider everywhere, and you will be done!  

Doosra: An Ideal Solution for Maintaining Privacy

When it’s a question of keeping your personal number and WhatsApp private, Doosra is your best way out. It is a virtual phone number in India that provides you complete control over your private number.
It is a second number you can share with anyone without worrying about it affecting your privacy. It will save you the need to share your personal number everywhere. Now comes the best part. Even when you share this virtual number, potential spammers/unknown contacts cannot reach you unless you want them to. You can even use WhatsApp with this number. All you need to do is get a virtual number.

How Can Doosra Help You?

Having a Doosra number for WhatsApp is just what you need to gain freedom from all unwanted messages and calls. It blocks all incoming calls and messages by default. However, it keeps a record of them on voicemail and allows you to answer any call you want easily. It even allows you to select contacts who can gain access to you through this number without being blocked. This means while the number blocks spammers and telemarketers from reaching you, it also allows the people you trust to contact you.
As far as the function of this Indian virtual number for WhatsApp is concerned, it allows you to create a new WhatsApp account as well. You can share the details of this account on most shopping sites. So, when marketing organisations try to reach you, they will send a message to your virtual WhatsApp number, not the private one. All promotional messages and offers will land straight on your virtual number WhatsApp account. At the same time, you will be able to receive notifications, memes, videos, calls, and everything else on your private number from the people you trust.

Get a Doosra virtual number on your phone and stop worrying about maintaining the privacy of your WhatsApp account. Let Doosra do this job while you sit back and relax!