Doosra works like a genie for you, turning your pleas into bliss.

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Customer data is the new fuel for many businesses. A mobile number is the simplest way to pitch products or services to potential customers. People often share their numbers across many digital platforms, which many organisations use for their business expansions. As these numbers are sold to third-party services, people get cold calls for various products. They get frustrated about spammers, spam messages, and unsolicited calls.


But one cannot simply afford to change the current number because you get spam calls! Have you been bogged by the same situation? If yes, then you are on the right page! Do you want to get rid of all these unwanted and annoying hurdles? You are about to find peace by the end of this article.

Wanted to know, irrespective of being super busy, how entrepreneurs or celebrities manage their personal and professional life to be so peaceful? They can make it possible as they keep these two things separate, and how? Let's listen from the first-hand consumers who consider Doosra nothing less than a genie in disguise.

As a well-known Yoga Therapist, one of Doosra's Users, Priti from Delhi, had to flash her number in ads, social posts, and different accounts to make her occupation public and garner clients. Pouring inquiries caused an imbalance in her personal and professional life and time. She was desperately looking for a solution that would rescue her from the shower of unwanted calls. And she got connected to Doosra, and from the day of sign-up, she has been enjoying her personal life and balancing her growing career. As an iPhone fascinator, she didn't want a second physical SIM to meet her requirements. Doosra allocates a virtual number that can protect users' privacy and allow them to share their numbers publicly. Also, when she is busy in her regular sessions, especially meditation sessions, she used to switch off her phone to eliminate disturbance. But, her Doosra number empowers her to set call blocker times so she can peacefully continue her sessions without switching off her phone. She is happy to be enrolled and experiencing improved productivity, which can be used for her career growth and expansion.

Bid bye to those days when Data privacy bugged you!

There is an increasing awareness of data privacy among smartphone users these days. As many B2C and B2B companies purchase users' phone number data to pitch their business strategies, Doosra stands out from the crowd. It enables the end-users to never expose their personal mobile number to digital platforms. In contrast, the SIM-free mobile number can be used for professional or personal use. This allows the users to take control of their digital privacy while keeping a distance from unwanted spammers. How effective this can be understood by reading the experience of a home searcher!

Aashish, a 28-year young software manager, is recently married and was looking for a new house to buy to kick-start his newly married life. He shared his personal number on many property marketplace websites to zero down the desired property for the couple. After a few days, he bought a beautiful nest for the lovebirds. He started dreaming of their most romantic chapter of life. But he never knew that mere sharing his number would dash his dreams. After shifting to the new place, unwanted calls from builders, property agents, and resale owners irritated him and shattered their beautiful phase of life. Being annoyed, he was going to change his number, but one of his friends suggested the name of Doosra, and life took a U-turn. Being a techie, he understood the incredible conceptualisation behind Doosra. He enrolled for not only his number but also his wife's number. The couple is in the complete honeymoon phase and living happily in their desired nest.

Bliss for frequent travellers!

Zeshan is an emerging musician who has travel as a passion and is essential for his career also. As an artist, he must share his contact number with different agencies, event planners, and people across other domains. When he travels, frequent bugging annoys him and causes him to lose concentration on his scheduled assignments. After one or two badly affected projects due to low productivity, he searched for a solution that would not require purchasing a new SIM. A well-established colleague suggested Doosra to him. Zeshan signed up for a unique virtual number under Doosra; from that date, he has been experiencing boosted productivity. He invested the saved time into making new tunes, and soon, he will launch his venture. Being an artist, he understands the importance of inner peace, so he immediately shifted to Doosra. 

Doosra can be considered front-runners in this industry as they have successfully created a large customer base within just one year of foundation. The product works as a psychotherapist for their clients as they can allow only desired contacts to enter their space. Keep the remote control of your professional and personal life in your hands with the help of Doosra!

Signing off for now!