Doosra - Affording Your Personal Number the Safety of a Gated Society

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If you live in a gated society, you know the luxury of safety. You know that the watchmen at the gate will keep your building secure, and you need not worry about intruders approaching you without your express permission. Even when your friends come to visit, or when a delivery person arrives at the gate, the watchmen will confirm their identities and check with you before they are permitted to step into your private space. There are times when you may scoff at the number of precautions being taken but you know, in your heart, that you can sleep peacefully because you know there is someone who is responsible for your safety. Many families and single individuals look for such gated communities and societies today, especially in larger cities, as they can make all the difference when it comes to ensuring a peaceful and secure life.

How Secure is Your Phone Number?

While you may have protected your home optimally, did you ever think about safeguarding your personal number? We know how attached you are to your number – after all, it is an extension of your identity and the single-most important way people can reach you at any given time. Your contact list includes your family, friends, colleagues and other important service providers like your doctor and grocer, but who is the one entity that calls you more than any of your contacts? You guessed it right – it is the ubiquitous spammer who can come dressed up as anyone from a telemarketer to a company keen on offering you unsolicited loans. 

Pesky Telemarketing & Fraud Cause Misery

According to news reports, “A recent survey by community social media platform LocalCircles showed that six in 10 people have reported personal data breach by their loan service providers, while four in 10 people have pointed fingers towards insurance providers or banks. In August, minister of state for finance Bhagwat Karad told Parliament that private and public banks have reported data frauds amounting to Rs 6,861 crore in the April-June quarter.” It is highly likely that you, or someone in your close circle, has fallen prey to fraudsters who are hell-bent on duping you out of your hard-earned money and the easiest way for them to reach you is through your personal number. Just take a look at the number of spam calls you receive on a daily basis and you know this is a tremendous risk to the safety of both, your personal number as well as the private data it is linked to. 

How Can You Protect Yourself?

While we do not mean to alarm you, there is no disregarding the fact that the menace of spam and fraud is everywhere. You may have shared your private number with the seemingly innocuous supermarket chain, only to see your phone blowing up with spammers the very next day. In this dire situation, it is up to you to remain wary and protect yourself from the sticky clutches of fraudsters. After all, who wants to spend hours and days communicating with the cyber cell in an attempt to retrieve their lost money! We know you don’t have time to worry about the never-ending calls from telemarketers and spammers, and that is the reason why we are bringing you an option to protect yourself from such miscreants.

Virtual Numbers Can Act as Gatekeepers 

Gone are the days when you could be blissfully safe by just living in a gated community. Today, you also need a gatekeeper to protect your personal number and the avalanche of data that is linked to it. From your bank account to your identity proofs, everything is connected to your personal number. Just imagine the terror of having this data fall into the hands of the wrong people and you know that a situation like the one shown in Netflix’s Jamtara could arrive at your doorstep any day. So what can you do to ensure that your personal number and data is as secure as your home? You can invest in a virtual phone number or sim card, as this has the power to be the gatekeeper you need to protect yourself from spammers and fraudsters.

Doosra – Your Personal Watchman

A virtual phone number provider built on the Privacy manifesto, Doosra takes your need for anonymity seriously. We understand your need for a good night’s sleep, unbothered by fraudsters intent on cheating you, and we are absolutely prepared to be the barrier that safeguards you from telemarketing and spam. With a Doosra second phone number, you can keep your personal number away from the prying eyes and fingers of companies that sell your data, and still enjoy the benefits of sharing your number, like receiving digital invoices, OTPs and discount offers. You can also upload your Doosra virtual number on job sites and e-commerce platforms that require your contact details, and rest assured that they have no clue about your actual number. With Doosra in your corner, your personal number will feel as safe as you do, when you are in your home. Because, at the end of the day, your personal number requires a watchman too.