Launch of Doosra Pro

After weeks of research, design and development, we are excited to announce the launch of Doosra Pro, a new edition that provides enhanced functionality and flexibility for our users.

Before we dig into the details, we firmly believe that Doosra Essential (the current plan) should be enough for everyone that wants to use their Doosra number as a publicly-shareable number without revealing your personal number. Doosra Pro considers new uses brought up by some users for deeper and enhanced usage.

So, what exactly does Doosra Pro come with?

Official support for Whatsapp and others 

With Doosra Pro, you will be able to sign-up on messaging platforms like Whatsapp and Telegram Basically, any platform that accepts an Indian mobile number. This has been a long-standing request from our users. Our research indicates that a secondary Whatsapp will be used in the following scenarios::

How can I sign-up for a second Whatsapp on my phone?

We’ve been testing this for a few weeks.

More flexibility for call blocker

The Doosra essential plan gives users the ability to turn off the blocker for 1-hour at a time or by location (250m radius). With Doosra pro, we have provided more flexibility by allowing you to turn on/off for an indefinite period of time. you receive calls, is now more in your control!

We plan to provide a scheduler in an upcoming release where you can set certain times of the day, and days of the week to allow calls.

Call Minutes: Incoming and Outgoing calls

With this release, all incoming and outgoing calls will be counted towards your call minutes for all users (Essential and Pro). This ensures a scalable program and depending on your usage, you can top-up anytime with affordable, 100-min packs.

Unlimited Trusted Contacts

In the Doosra Pro edition, you can add an unlimited number of trusted contacts. For Doosra essential users, the limit will stay at ten. Due to our privacy focus, we are unable to allow you to add contacts directly from your phone book, but that feature is under consideration.

Multi-device login (upto 3 devices)

Starting with the Doosra pro edition, we now provide official support for multi-device login for a single Doosra account for up to 3 devices.. Any additional device login means the oldest device will be logged out. This is done to ensure safety and security of your account.

e-KYC Process

To provide Doosra Pro, we would need to mandate an e-KYC verification process to comply with prevailing regulations. This e-KYC process will be done on your mobile app when you log in for the first time. Our e-KYC process is powered by HyperVerge, a industry-leading provider of ID verification solutions. The data collected during the e-KYC process will be:

Both these files are stored with us and filed with the regulatory authorities on a periodic basis.