What is a one-ring phone scam?

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You have surely heard of one-time wonders. But do you know that one-ring phone scams are doing the rounds these days? You may have actually received a few without realizing it.


Let’s think back – Have you ever received seen a missed call on your phone without noticing it ring? Has a call ever just stopped at the first ring? These are single ring calls.

Understanding the one-ring phone call

Robocallers have to constantly find new ways to annoy and scam citizens because it is illegal. Their efforts are consistently squashed with the help of technology and to overcome that, they are always on their toes.


We must admit that the one-ring phone call is by far the most impressive.


They simply leave a missed call on the recipient’s number. In other words, they cut the call after just one ring. Anyone would be concerned by that even if it’s an unknown number. They would want to call back to see if they missed an important call. The moment you call back, you start getting charged astronomically!


This is because the call is from a different region or country altogether. The longer you are on the phone, the more you will be charged. This can include toll-calling and premium services as well.

Variations of the one-ring phone call

If you manage to escape this scam, don’t assume that you are out of the woods yet! There are a few variations that you should steer clear of as well:


·   Voicemails asking you to call back for a delivery code

·   Text messages asking for a call back to inform you about a relative or friend

·   Messages requesting a call because you won a lottery or a promotion

How to avoid one-ring phone scams

Thankfully, there are very simple ways to ensure you don’t lose your balance to these one-ring scams. They are as follows:


·   Never return calls from an unknown number – they will call you again if necessary

·   Check the area code of the number you are calling

·   Have your service provider block international calling on your number if you don’t usually make use of that service

·   Subscribe to a virtual number app for WhatsApp, OTPs, and promotions to keep your personal number private

·   File a complaint with the service provider

·   Block the number so that you are not bothered again

Are virtual SIM cards in India effective against spam?

We think virtual phone numbers are the most reliable tools we have against spam today. Since we cannot ignore social media, online shopping, and businesses, we have to find another way to protect our privacy. That’s exactly what virtual second phone numbers do.


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Nipping the problem in the bud. That’s what Doosra does!


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