We’ve had some second thoughts of late (but that’s not why we are called Doosra)

Marketing Team
2 mins

Cats come with a clear purr-pose - do not disturb. Which pretty much explains all you are about to read below.

When we first launched Doosra in 2020 our focus was on making people aware of the need to protect their privacy, while providing the means to do so. There was by now enough evidence to prove that sharing one’s personal phone number with retailers, apps and other places left you vulnerable to spam callers and even stalkers. And that was not cool or acceptable. On the flip side though, not sharing it meant losing out on some darn good offers and benefits while making online shopping a nightmare. Equally confounding. So we set out to be defenders with a service that allows you to take advantage of all the perks of sharing your phone number yet protect your identity and not compromise your privacy.

That’s how we saw ourselves and created an identity around an 8 bit art style reminiscent of retro video games. However, as we grew and refined our services we realised our identity needed to evolve too. To communicate our growth, our added experience and our current avatar of being the most reliable and invincible shield you could have against spammers and stalkers, disturbances and distractions. 

Because Doosra isn’t just about protecting privacy and offering peace of mind, we are revolutionizing phone services and giving people the confidence to share their number without hesitation.  Not to mention bragging rights when it comes to outsmarting annoying and wholly unnecessary callers. We are the cool, cautious and clever companion that allows you to live life befikar. And that certainly meant we needed to reinvent our look.

So we went back to the drawing board and decided to give ourselves a new identity. One that better personifies our attitude and represents everything we bring to the table - with our current offerings and future services as well. It took a few tries, a couple of experiments but with a little help we found our true colours. But that’s not all we changed. The name Doosra called for a  unique personality which we found in a quirky, tech-y and contemporary font. If you look closely you’ll see the ‘s’ has been inverted to resemble the number 2 - a fun way to convey hidden offering that comes with a Doosra number. 

All these elements come together beautifully with our new mascot - our inner animal which we’ve discovered is the cat - to perfectly capture what Doosra is and easily convey it in a way that’s simple and has a high recall factor. Why a cat? Well cats are known to be the coolest creatures, perceptively confident and clever, with the ability to handle any crisis in a calm and effective manner and always land on their feet- does that ring a bell?  It did for us! 

We believe that everyone using a Doosra number is a cool cat, outsmarting troublemakers at every turn. And that’s why it’s the right mascot to carry us forward. The cat also symbolizes the fact that Doosra is there with you every step of the way, stealthily but surely ensuring that your right to not be disturbed is not violated. After all, have you ever seen anyone dare to disturb a cat during her catnap? Precisely!

We’ve been working on this for a while now and are thrilled to finally share our new look with you all. If you haven’t yet, get your Doosra number and join us in this new chapter as we say, “Number share kar, befikar.”