Virtual Numbers: A Shield for Social Media Privacy in the Digital Age


Earlier this week, news reports stated that Meta Platforms, the parent company of social media giants Whatsapp, Facebook and Instagram, is requesting Norway to issue an injunction on the fine imposed by the country’s data regulator, in the matter of Meta breaching its users' privacy norms. What exactly is happening here? Well, Meta, which is home to some of the world’s most popular social media platforms, is in serious trouble for its data privacy violations. Given its huge portfolio of social media pages, the parent company is privy to humungous quantities of personal data and reportedly, it has been leveraging this data and utilising it to target users with behavioural advertising. For this misappropriation, Norway has imposed a fine of 1 million crowns, or USD 94,313 per day, on Meta Platforms, from August 14 to November 3. And this is not the only instance wherein Meta Platforms has faced regulatory backlash.

What is Behavioural Advertising?

Have you ever been the victim of behavioural or targeted advertising? Well, most of you will probably answer with a resounding yes. Just take a look at your smartphone – how often do you see advertisements for things you have talked or texted about, in your daily life? In Apeksha’s instance, behavioural advertising has become a huge concern, as well as a terrible invasion of her privacy. As soon as she messaged her friend about planning a trip to Manali, she started seeing advertisements from travel companies and hotels in Manali. Another day, Apeksha asked her mother for the recipe to cook Idli Sambar and lo and behold, her browsing experience was riddled with advertisements for ready-to-cook Idli batter and Sambar mix. This is called behavioural advertising and it is one of the banes of the modern day experience. But that is not the only issue you need to worry about – now, just sharing your personal number with social media platforms could be a reason for trouble.

Safeguarding Against Social Media Breaches

In an era dominated by social media, where sharing our lives online has become second nature, the importance of safeguarding our privacy has never been more crucial. The digital age has brought us closer, but it has also exposed us to unprecedented risks of data breaches and privacy violations. Social media platforms, despite their undeniable benefits, have been grappling with an increasing number of security breaches that compromise users' sensitive information. While social media has transformed the way we connect, share, and communicate, redefining friendships, revolutionising marketing, and providing a platform for self-expression, the relentless growth of the digital landscape has also given rise to various threats, particularly in the realm of privacy. Countless incidents of data breaches, identity theft, and online harassment have raised serious concerns about the security of our personal information online. Even the most prominent social media platforms have fallen victim to breaches, resulting in the exposure of millions of users' data.

The Role of Virtual Numbers

Virtual numbers, also known as secondary or temporary numbers, have emerged as a proactive solution to mitigate the risks posed by sharing personal phone numbers on social media platforms. We know, you do not want to miss out on social media’s benefits by going completely dark but sharing your personal number, which is connected to imperative aspects such as your bank account, Aadhar number and PAN card, could be a recipe for disaster. In this scenario, virtual numbers act as intermediaries between your real phone number and the online world. Instead of using your actual number to register on social media, and offering them access to your personal data, you can employ a virtual number to maintain a safe distance between your personal information and potential threats.

The Doosra Difference

One notable player in this arena is Doosra, a service that provides users with virtual numbers to use for various purposes, including signing up for social media accounts. This innovative approach ensures that users do not have to compromise their real phone numbers while engaging in online activities. Doosra stands out as a pioneer in the field of virtual numbers, offering a unique and powerful solution to the vulnerabilities that plague social media platforms. Here's how Doosra can help safeguard users from data breaches and privacy infringements:

Privacy Preservation: By using a Doosra virtual number, you can shield your actual phone number from potential hackers, scammers, or unauthorised users who might exploit it to gain access to your personal information.

Control over Contacts: Doosra allows you to manage your interactions by using virtual numbers for various purposes. This means you can segment your contacts, keeping your personal circle separate from your online engagements.

Bypassing Verification Challenges: Social media platforms often require phone number verification during registration. Instead of using your primary number, you can use a Doosra virtual number, avoiding potential hurdles while maintaining your privacy.

Protection Against Harassment: Online harassment and spam are prevalent issues on social media. With Doosra's virtual numbers, you can engage online without fearing that your real number will be exploited for malicious purposes.

Data Breach Mitigation: In the unfortunate event of a data breach on a social media platform, your actual phone number will remain unaffected, reducing the potential damage that can be inflicted on your personal and professional life.

As social media continues to shape our digital lives, the need to fortify our privacy and protect our personal information becomes increasingly critical. Virtual numbers have emerged as a powerful tool to combat the vulnerabilities inherent in the online world. Doosra, with its innovative approach to providing temporary virtual numbers, is leading the charge in ensuring that users can engage on social media platforms without sacrificing their privacy.