The why and where of Doosra

Marketing Team

Let’s start with this! What is Doosra?

Doosra is a secondary virtual mobile number to give at places you’re worried will spam you later.

This means you give a Doosra virtual number wherever you are uncomfortable sharing your personal number.


Get an instant secondary number: Doosra is the fastest way to get a secondary virtual mobile number: Sign-up on the website and in under 2 mins, you have a phone number that you can share with the world!

Avoid SIM fraud: Since Doosra is a virtual number, no one can pretend they’re you and perpetrate SIM fraud

Eliminate Spam Calls: Since Doosra blocks all calls by default, no stranger can call and harass you. You can decide who can reach you with our innovative call filter

Protect your personal identity: Since Doosra is your public number, your personal number is always safe and never needs to be given out anywhere out of compulsion. That’s freedom like you’ve never had before.

Where can I give a Doosra number?

Doosra is a virtual mobile number; so it can be given anywhere it is asked for. In general, we have seen the following use cases to be most useful

During check-out at supermarkets and stores: Most groceries and stores have loyalty programs attached to your mobile number. Start giving your Doosra virtual number and get all the points in one place without giving them access to your personal number.

For discounts at pharmacies: Chemists are notorious for mandating phone numbers under the guise that they need a mobile number to print the invoice or give that 10–15% discount. Give your Doosra virtual phone number instead and get all the benefits and none of the spam.

At e-commerce websites: As we shop more online, it is obvious multiple people in the delivery process will have access to your phone number, making you susceptible for future spam and scams. Simply share your Doosra virtual number for all the online shopping coordination.

In online registration forms: One of the main sources of spam is the rampant circulation of phone numbers that are collected through online registration forms; dating websites, sweepstakes, discounts, lucky draws, vouchers and much, much more.

Doosra is built with privacy at its core; which means your data is never used to make money. It is also why we charge a simple monthly fee for you to use the Doosra number and platform. You can check out our privacy doctrine here

Sign-up for a Doosra number now! And start living a peaceful spam and sales calls free life.