It’s time to stop playing cat and mouse with spam calls.

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They come in many shades and offer of services. But there is one thing common – all these calls are unsolicited, unwelcome and often uncomfortable.

Deepali was expecting an important call from a recruiter who was to inform her about a potential opening in a company of her choice. So, when her mobile phone rang she, already on tenterhooks, answered the call without verifying the number. What happened next was both ridiculous and uncomfortable. Without any preliminaries, the man on the other end began a breathless sales pitch about the various study packages that would suit Deepali’s child to do better in class. It was almost a minute before she had a chance to interrupt him and tell him that she is not interested. It was funny because Deepali did not have a child. But also eerie because he did get her name correct – plus her city and of course her mobile number. Her bemused irritation soon turned into a creeping fear – fear of the unknown, unregulated parallel world of spammers. And she was now quite clearly on their contact list.

If you get 20 calls in a day, at least half of them are from spammers or scammers. While one would promise a magnanimous home loan at a very enticing rate of interest, another would insist you buy/rent a house from them for zero brokerage. Then, there are those who would tempt you to buy a property with no down payment. Not to mention, scores of the ‘best ever’ insurance deals for not only your vehicles but your life as well. Or a credit card company offering you a card with bottomless credit.  That call saying you have won a free holiday – and invite you bite deeper into their bait.  Or those where the caller pleads you to donate money to a patient in critical condition, in need of a surgery or a transplant at that very moment- with you having no means of finding out just how genuine the appeal is. On numerous other occasions, it is just a robotic, recorded voice giving you details of some exemplary service on offer.  

There is one thing common in all of these though. They are unsolicited, unwelcome and an absolute intrusion on your privacy.

You cannot avoid them all

Though we try to block unwanted numbers, not answer calls from unknown numbers, there are times we succumb. How many times do we tell ourselves before avoiding certain calls, ‘What if it’s someone I know, what if it’s an emergency?’ This doubt, along with a certain amount of carelessness mixed with good faith is what causes spammers and scammers to flourish.

How to Avoid Spam/Scam Calls

  • Be alert and conscious before answering calls from unknown numbers.
  • Avoid sharing your number with restaurants, merchants, or online sites.
  • Even if you do end up answering a spam call, do not share any personal or account details to avoid being scammed.

Privacy Matters

Or you can simply say hello to Doosra – a sure shot way to maintain your privacy and keep unwanted and intrusive callers at bay. It is your second mobile number that you can share with all those you don’t really care about, without a worry. What’s more, you don’t require a separate SIM card or phone to avail of the Doosra service. All you have to do is download the app and the number gets activated.

Reasonably priced, a Doosra number ensures that all the calls to this number are blocked by default and go straight to voicemail, leaving you with a choice to call, or not!  

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