How to stop text message scam

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Remember when our favourite pastime was to chat with our friends via SMS? We bought “Chota Recharge” to cut the costs of the texts and chatted until we reached the daily limit! Now, thanks to WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, etc., we barely use SMS for chatting. It is important, however, for OTPs and transactional messages.


We think that’s the only reason there isn’t yet an uproar against text messages! Otherwise, why would any of us want a platform that’s highly distracting and full of spam?


Unwanted messages have become the bane of technology. Most of us receive messages about offers, promotions, loan services, etc., on a daily basis. None of these is actually valid, of course, because institutions have a much better and safer way to get in touch when the need arises.


Here you have two choices – wreck your peace every other hour with some unwanted text or put an end to text message scam. We are positive you would choose the latter.

Ways to protect yourself from text message scams

There are a few simple steps that you can take to put an end to this nuisance. Let’s take a look at a few foolproof ones:

Ignore all messages from unknown numbers

You might be tempted to reply to a message, call that number, or click on a link it contains but the moment you do that, it will confirm that your number is active and spammers will have a field day directing more spam to your number. So, for starters, we advise you to simply ignore all these unwanted texts.

Report spam

TRAI is extremely strict against spam and is taking measures actively to protect users. However, scammers are very advanced these days and are finding workarounds. There’s still a possibility of stopping them, though.

Send a text to 1909 or call the short code to report any number and TRAI will do the needful.

Block the numbers

This can be a long process but if you consistently block the numbers you are receiving unwanted texts from, the volume will reduce significantly after a while.

Blocking on Android

·   Open the spam text

·   Tap the 3 dots on the top right

·   Choose Block Number

·   Confirm

Blocking on Apple

·   Open the text you want to block

·   Tap on the sender’s name on top

·   Choose Info

·   Tap on Block this Caller

·   Confirm


The iPhone also has dedicated settings to filter out messages from unknown senders –


Go to Settings > Messages > Filter Unknown Senders


Toggle this option to switch it ON.

Doosra- How to stop text message scam

Use a third-party call blocking app

Apps such as Truecaller are quite reliable in filtering spam. If your phone’s inbuilt settings are not enough, you can use apps like this to protect your privacy.

Shield your phone number

You should give your phone number the same respect that you give your credit cards, documents, and other personal details. Make sure you never hand out your phone number to unknown people through websites, surveys, or offers. Once your phone enters the system, it is hard to stay private.


We know what you are thinking here – it’s not possible to stay current without using the number because it is needed everywhere, from social media to shopping websites, Google forms, dating apps, pharmacies, and restaurants. Don’t worry, we have a solution – A virtual second phone number!


Second mobile numbers are very cool because they allow you to separate your private and public lives. You can use them for all public purposes while keeping your primary number shielded.

About Doosra

Doosra is a leading virtual number app for WhatsApp and text messages. It requires no SIM and allows immediate activation, enabling you to start protecting your data without any delays. It has some very interesting features that squash spam such as:


- Smart call blocker

- Voicemail

- Passcode for incoming calls

- Filtered SMS and OTPs

- Premium and VIP number options

- No SIM


The moment you purchase the subscription, Doosra will start working to help you stop text message spam. The plans offered are affordable and full of benefits.


The most effective way to stop text message spam today is to buy a virtual phone number in India and reroute all the public calls to that number. By doing so, you will ensure that you are never disturbed by unwanted messages. Check the Doosra number only when needed and ignore everything else. Simple!


To start your subscription, we invite you to visit our website or get in touch with us.