How does your phone know which calls are spam?

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We take it for granted but the smartphone is actually a technological marvel. What started as a large device hooked to one place is now a portable powerhouse. Anything and everything you need, it provides seamlessly. It can wake you up and put you to sleep all the same. It can help you boost productivity and keep you connected with the world. It can order food and a cab at the same time.


The latest addition in its arsenal of superpowers is spam identification. That’s right – your phone is capable of identifying spam calls!

Decoding spam call identification

Most Indians get at least 5 spam calls every day and one of the most efficient ways to tackle this is to download a third-party app. These apps use caller ID to recognize the unknown number, giving users enough information to decide whether to answer or ignore the call.


However, in recent times, even without these apps, phones are alerting users of SPAM RISK and LIKELY SPAM. This is a brilliant step toward squashing spam and even though it is in the nascent stages, it is already helping users.

How does spam identification work?

Third-party apps and carriers have created advanced tools that can identify spam calls. There are various parameters that they check:


- Being flagged by other users

- Multiple outbound calls every day

- Incomplete outbound caller ID


The feature is enabled by default in most new phones but you can check the settings and activate it manually if needed. iPhones have an additional feature to silence calls and messages from unknown numbers, which has provided a lot of relief to users from incessant disturbances.

Sadly – it’s not enough

While the strides are massive and the steps being taken to protect users are commendable, they are not yet enough. This is because spammers find one way or another to beat SPAM IDs just like they circumvent the DND list. If one number is identified as spam, they quickly jump to another. This is easier with VoIP.


Does this mean that you have to live with hackers and scammers forever?



Introducing – A Doosra way of blocking spam

We have come up with the most efficient and reliable way to say goodbye to unwanted calls and texts forever.


Say hello to Doosra – A SIM-free virtual second phone number that you can use for public purposes while keeping your private number safe. Whether it’s for food ordering, online shopping, dating websites, or any other platform, you can use the second mobile number. This way, no one can add your personal number to promotional lists. It will also not be circulated among companies.


They will only have your Doosra number, which automatically blocks all calls! That’s right – we are nipping the problem in the bud.


Simply enroll for the monthly subscription and you are good to go! Among the many benefits that you will enjoy are:


- 100% secure callbacks

- Secret passcodes to approve incoming calls

- Voicemail

- Smart call blocker

- Premium numbers

Doosra subscription is an incredibly small price to pay for peace of mind, happiness, and risk-free calls!


Phones are getting smarter by the day but they aren’t foolproof yet. Even though they are able to identify spam risks, the tools are not advanced enough to block all unwanted calls. This is why Doosra is your savior! Get in touch with us to start your subscription now.