Doosra’s Innovative Call Filter

Marketing Team

Over the years, the mobile number has become synonymous with personal identity. Everywhere we shop, it is mandatory to provide it, in the guise of easily pulling up your customer record. In fact, companies like Decathlon go as far as to refuse purchase if you don’t give your contact number. This extortion leads to behavioral profiling and rampant data monetization.

How many times have we thought: HOW did that person or business get my mobile number?

We’re in this mess because our good, old telephone number works on the premise of “Intrude now and ask for forgiveness later” If a person or business has your number; they can call and intrude into your life. If you question their source, they sheepishly apologize and/or simply hang up.

Sure, you can block them; but that’s after the fact. By then, you’re already pissed and the emotional damage is already done.

Apps like TrueCaller help with identifying the caller ahead of time but they are the bigger brothers who suck in all of your data and more. As it struggles to find revenue models, Truecaller will continue to get creepier with time.

At Doosra, we put privacy at the forefront and re-imagined what a mobile number means in our lives today. We believe that just because someone was able to get a hold of your number, does not give them the right to bother you.

Doosra was unveiled to the world on May 25 2020.

Doorsa: a secondary virtual mobile number service to give at places you’re worried might spam you later.

We spent over 2 years refining and perfecting this product and released it with five core features: Call Filter, Calls and Messages Log, Trusted Contacts, Trusted Services, and Secure Call-back.

In this article, we talk about the central feature of Doosra: The Call Filter

Simply put, Doosra blocks all calls by default; but a smart call filter gives you four controls based on which calls should be let through

  • Pause filter for 60 mins
  • Pause filter while I am at this location
  • Bypass call filter for trusted contacts
  • Bypass call filter for trusted services

1 of 4: Pause filter for 60 mins

While calls are blocked by default, Doosra virtual number allows you to pause the call filter for 60 mins. Ideal for cases when you are expecting a call from a bank, sales agent or e-commerce delivery personnel. During this time, all calls are forwarded to your primary mobile number. The caller only knows your Doosra number; and your personal number is never exposed to them.

2 of 4: Pause at this location

Imagine you’re at a conference and meeting all these new and interesting people. You are networking like crazy and hand out your business card which has your Doosra virtual phone number (because why not), the instinctive reaction is for people to call you immediately and there’s the quintessential “I gave you a missed call, please check”. It would be kind of awkward if they called you and heard “The person you are calling is unavailable”. To get around this, you can choose to turn off the call filter at a specific location.

Once you drive out of there, the call filter simply turns back on. Sounds like magic?? It's because it is.

Staying true to our spirit of consumer privacy, we only take location access only when you choose this feature, never by default and never before.

3 of 4: Bypass call filter for trusted contacts

You can have certain callers bypass the call filter by adding them as a Trusted Contact. This is yet another innovative feature from Doosra. You can read more about this in the full blog post here

4 of 4: Bypass call filter for trusted services

This is another exciting feature of Doosra and you can read more about it in an upcoming blog post.

There you have it, a quick note on how Doosra’s call filter works. Ready to get your Indian virtual number with Doosra?

Sign-up for a Doosra number now! And start living a peaceful spam and sales calls free life.