Domino’s Data Leak: sharing the last slice of pizza was difficult? Now your personal information is up for grabs too!

Marketing Team
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India faces a major data leak, wherein details of 18 crore Domino’s Pizza orders have been hacked into. These details include Name, Email, Mobile, GPS Location and more. Not only this, the hacker has gone on to create a search engine for the database which has made it easy even for the laymen to access.

While Jubilant FoodWorks that owns Domino’s says the financial information of the customers is protected and isn’t leaked, this kind of personal information out in the open has opened all our doors to all kinds of possibilities ranging from spam and harassment, to fraud by impersonation.  

All you need to do is enter a phone number in the search engine and it gives away all the related personal details. The repercussions of this are endless. People can use this to spy on others simply by entering the phone number and getting access to the person’s past locations with date and time.

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