Do you find understanding privacy difficult?

Marketing Team
3 mins

From the time that we’ve been struggling with the way information is dealt with, to it becoming a pain-point that led to the inception of Doosra, we’ve come across so many different views on  privacy. While we found that the repercussions of sharing data aren’t clearly understood, it’s undeniable that recently, there has been a significant curiosity spike in people, to understand what privacy truly means. There have been more questions and discussions around digital data, the risks of sharing personal information and an effort towards decoding the overall notion of privacy. 

While wondering about how to make this simpler for everyone to understand, we came across a few games that do just that and in a fun, engaging manner. We’re listing a few here for you, check them out:

Powerplay: A deck of cards can be found in every home, often a generation old. Now, take your game to the next level with Powerplay. The card game aims to build awareness around data protection, as the players are forced to make choices around privacy as they play the game. It sparks conversations around data breaches, helps understand the difference between public and private data and gives relevant examples through character cards, making the intangible concept of privacy, much easier to understand. 

Data Defenders: With the usage of the internet increasingly starting at a young age, it’s indispensable that we educate our young generation about data privacy. Data Defenders helps parents and teachers do just that. Aimed for children and pre-teens, it teaches them how to protect their information when logging into the websites and apps that they like. The young gamers are introduced to the concept of information economy and are needed to keep their privacy score high, by taking quizzes on how to not lose points. It comes with a detailed teacher and parent guide, so as to raise questions and aid discussions. 

Interland: Centered around digital safety and citizenship, this adventurous game arms the educators to teach digital safety fundamentals to children. In fact, not just a game, this is actually a complete curriculum, all with lesson plans around carefully thought topics. To put it simply, it teaches how to handle hackers, bullies and phishers online. Not just privacy, it looks at a time in future where the internet will be a kinder, more positive place and trains the young generation to materialise it. 

Happy Onlife: For children between 8-12 years of age, the game is inspired by Snakes and Ladders. This is combined with quiz questions that revolve around the topics of internet, social networks, online gaming and more. It grooms the children to become digitally aware citizens who know how to enjoy the virtual world responsibly and are informed enough to assess the online risks. It sparks discussions and comes in four versions: online, mobile, physical board game and do-it-yourself print and cut kit. 

Know of any other games or anything else that has helped you understand privacy better? Tell us about them in the comments section.