Digital Identity- Building or Risking Private Data

3 minutes

They say online friendship is the new trend! Isn’t it?

We live in an era where people are not scared of establishing an online identity and initiating a lot of conversations with people we don’t even know. if established correctly, it prompts who we are. A person’s digital identity could be considered as a reliable and socialistic approach to verifying his/her identity. While digital identity holds the power to handle various distinguished deliverables for individuals and firms as per their requirements, it must not be neglected that the risks inhibited along with sharing a cryptic identity can leave you struggling. As good as it performs while having acted as a trusted source of an attested identity, it could even put danger to the privacy concerns related to extremely private data of an individual.

Sounds frightening, huh?

Well, it really isn’t! The real challenge is to design a consumer-friendly, easily accessible methodology that pertains to decentralised identity solutions and ensures that not only the credentials are definitive, but the end source and destination of its value are also verifiable and interoperable. Individuals must be guided to guard their own identity in the best way possible by including two-factor authentication or a second mobile number, a must in the given control mechanism. An intellectual thought must be given to the concern of handling private data to protect autonomy and liability. Robust procedures are the key to aid the structure from exploiting a consumer’s privacy and identity. 

Well, that’s all right, but what do we do to safeguard our data? 

What is the right kind of technology that can do just the work? How does one get on board with something that not only protects their interests as a guarded individual but also provides a platform for them to ensure that they can practice technological freedom without having to worry about anyone mishandling and commoditizing one’s private data?

The future of the online ecosystem is here! A synthetic fraud estimation is put over the coast to aid consumers with a highly assured digital identity that is safe and easy to manage without the potential of misuse. Doosra’s virtual number protects your data by keeping your phone number completely hidden and private. 

Who thought that an easily accessible, adaptable, and foolproof way of enjoying all the fun there is to have without being haunted by someone trying to establish a prying and spooky corrupt medium to dissipate and exploit confidential details will be available as a virtual number app for Whatsapp! We bet you didn't see this coming! Did you? You can use this number as a digital identity to any of the sites that ask you to input your personal information, subtly denying access to any fraudster over the other side of the screen to break into data linked with your mobile number.